At Starbright, We love what we do.

(And it shows!)

Starbright staff making NYC smile

Delivering NYC's Best

It takes happy people and a team of floral enthusiasts, to create the most gorgeous, out-of-this world hand-crafted floral compositions. Happiness is in our soul. We smile all day long!

There are thousands of photos in our 20+ year scrapbook and this is but a sample that showcases how happy we are doing what we do. Our titles are not traditional ones... Chief Smile Maker, Flower Child, Special Events Architect, Client Services Advocate, Chef de Cuisine and yes... Top Dog, are but a few. We start our day smiling, happy and cheerful. On our way home we smile as we turn out the lights. We all shake hands and thank each other for a great day.

To all the members of our team, we thank you for choosing to spend such a big part of your lives next to us and believing in the Magic of Starbright. This unique flower and plant emporium that covers over 6,000 square feet in the heart of NYC would not be the same without you.

To all our friends and clients, we thank you. We would not be who we are were it not for you. What makes us happy and why we smile so much is because we know our flowers will bring you smiles and give joy to someone special.

Every flower bouquet that leaves our store comes with a dash of love, a bit of our heart and we give our flowers one last smile before they are wrapped up and ready to go brighten someone’s day.

We want our passion to reflect in all that we do, and our smiles to be contagious.