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Luxury Roses in NYC

Types of Roses and Rose Arrangements We Carry

We at Starbright Floral Design consider rose arranging to be an art form. We craft our bouquets to create the perfect blend of classic romanticism and artistic expression. You can find almost anything along the rose spectrum, making our luxury rose collection diverse and versatile.

Classically Romantic

Our classic red roses don't only remind you of romantic dates and dinners by candlelight. We stretch above and beyond, allowing our creativity to flow and our imaginations to bloom. The result? Stunning displays of bright red roses accompanied by intriguing accents and detail. You can celebrate that romantic date night, prom night, or any occasion in style.

Blushingly Beautiful

Pink and pastel colors have always been a firm alternative to the classic red. Some prefer their understated mystery, while others enjoy them for their delicate feel. We can't deny that pink roses work well together, emanating signature soft tones that only pink roses can do so well. Choose subtle pinks for your anniversary, or display these blushing beauties in your home for unparalleled tones of luxury.

Elegant Surprises

Bright and white roses are popular choices for weddings and in homes. These flowers symbolize purity and unity, perfect for new beginnings or to balance your decor. Their signature markers of hope and strength are undeniable, making these roses great choices as get well soon gifts, too. Tell that certain someone how you feel with a bold statement, and let the bouquet speak for itself.

Get Unparalleled Service and Premium Roses

When you partner with Starbright Floral Design, you always come first. We also offer rose deliveries in New York City, so you can get your roses when you need them most. Because we want you to enjoy fresh roses, we've perfected a weekly delivery service for your convenience. You'll receive a $15 value upgrade and free delivery when you opt for this service. Our loyalty program reflects our commitment to you. When you join, you get a $20 gift certificate with every $200 you spend.

Luxury Roses at Your Doorstep With Starbright Floral Design

Get your roses delivered to you in New York City, the Starbright Way. We exceed your expectations with our carefully designed, beautiful arrangements to fit your decor and any occasion. Shop our freshly sourced long-stemmed roses in New York City. You may also contact us online for more information on our floral services.

There's no denying the allure of a bouquet of blissfull, long-stemmed roses. Roses have long been viewed as a romantic flower, and with good reason. With delicate, soft details of swirls that gradually bloom into envelopes of luxury, roses are classy and sophisticated yet playful and whimsical. Starbright Floral Design brings you the finest roses in New York City. Surprise that special someone in your life, or treat yourself with striking bouquets of glamor.