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Yellow orchid floral arrangement

Orchid and Plant Maintenance Services in NYC

Starbright Floral Design loves to brighten our clients’ spaces with our Plant and Orchid Maintenance program. This arrangement allows Starbright to introduce plants and orchids to our clients in NYC and then visit on a weekly basis to ensure that each is meticulously cared for and always beautiful.

Introduce Beauty to Your Spaces

Have you ever dreamed of walking into your working space surrounded by plush orchids and peaceful greenery? Plants and flowers facilitate a healthy mood and provide eye-catching allure to your clients and business partners. Go beyond decor to create an attractive working space. Strong nuances of greenery and flowers complement your interior additions, bringing your office to life. Your clients and office visitors are sure to remember your location and how your plants and flowers give them a sense of serenity. 

Our Plant Care and Maintenance Services

Our promise to you is simple. We visit your office and discuss which plants and orchids will best complement and enhance your interior decor. We'll help you determine what will work best with your brand and arrange when we can install your plants.

Healthy green plants in an indoor lounge area

Office Plant Services in New York City

Whether you have a visiting room where clients can wait, an office space for employees or colleagues or an entire floor dedicated to your foyer, Starbright Floral Design has orchids and other spectacular plants for your setting. We have over two thousand florals, so your choices remain fresh.

With over two thousand plants and orchids enhancing hotels, restaurants, boutiques, offices, public spaces and private residences throughout New York City, Starbright has become the coveted florist in NYC to transform a space into a soothing oasis.

Plant Nurturing at Its Best

We want you and your clients to enjoy the beauty and peace that carefully arranged, fresh plants bring. As part of our Plant and Orchid Maintenance Program, we'll continue to nurture your plants after the initial installation. We are proud of our commitment to you, and our dedicated, trained staff will return every week to ensure your plants keep looking their best, thanks to our office plant services.

We are happy to offer plant watering services in New York City, ensuring your flora always looks radiant and healthy. We care about the longevity of your plants, so we provide plant repotting services to keep our New York City offices lush and energized.

Once your plants reach their peak, we'll replace them with fresh ones to ensure your flower arrangements always remain a colorful oasis.

A thriving succulent garden
Colorful and intricate floral center piece

Why Choose Starbright Floral Design?

We have a proud history of more than 30 years of joy in delivering fresh, beautiful flowers to our clientele. As a token of our gratitude, you will receive a $20 gift certificate with every $200 you spend when you join our loyalty program. When you subscribe for weekly delivery, you receive a $15 value upgrade and free delivery.

Starbright Floral Design started small and has grown into one of the most prominent and coveted flower outlets. We have same-day plant delivery services when you order in New York City and source fresh flowers from local suppliers.

Amplify Your Space Today

Invest in yourself and your surroundings by filling your space with our wide selection of orchids and florals. Recreate the vision you've always held for your office space and turn it into a place of restoration and luxury. Have a look at our gallery for inspiration, and shop our arrangements of plants and flowers today. You can also contact us online, and a concierge will contact you within 24 hours.

Let’s Take Care of Your Plants!