Dear Friends,

We celebrate our 25th year and we would like to express our immense appreciation for your trust and confidence in us. We have grown with you and we are who we are because of you.

In the past month we are living in an upside-down world that is changing by the day. Decisions about our services constantly evolve. We fully support the New York State Governor’s PAUSE directive. All non-essential businesses are closed and currently we are unable to deliver in the traditional ways we are known for. We hope to contribute to the health and safety of our community as well as the speediest possible elimination of COVID-19.

Send smiles twice! Creating smiles for our friends, family and loved ones is essential! Reach out and touch someone.

Visit our website ( and send a virtual bouquet now along with your sentiments. As soon as the ban is lifted, we will send the actual bouquet to your special friend or loved one at no additional charge.

Show how much you care. This is the time to make someone smile.

Use Discount Code: VIRTUAL for a 20% discount. Our offer is valid as long as in-person hugs are banned.

We are grateful to know you and honored to be at your side. Please stay safe. Stay healthy and focus on wellness. Remember to remain in your cabin and keep the blues at bay.

Our Warmest Wishes,

Nic, along with the Partners & Staff at Starbright