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Unexpected Gift Guide For Father's Day


Unexpected Gift Guide for Father’s Day



His Favorite Ford F1 Pickup




Cute as can be, bring dad back to the days of toy cars (or maybe his real pickup) with our succulent-packed Ford F1 pickup. It’s a whimsical little gift to show dad that you care this Father’s Day. Bonus points if he can keep it alive until next year! Shop Here.


 H Highlander




Send one of our favorite floral compositions with a heartfelt note. Take a stroll down memory lane and tell dad how special that trip was; or how much it meant to you when he was there for you; or something that always makes you think of him. Send a smile to the father figures in your life. Shop Here.



3.    Fiddle Leaf Ficus




Is he the type to have a pristinely decorated home? Is his office in need of some livening up? Whatever the case is… Fiddle Leaf Ficuses are a beautiful addition to any room in the home and does wonders for air quality! Choose a 4-5 foot tree with room to grow or go big with the 5-6 foot tree. We recommend bright indirect light for this plant. Shop Here. Find our plant care guide here. 



4.    Orchid Tower




Ok maybe he doesn’t have a green thumb… but you want to send something that will last! Here we have a beautiful stem of the most mesmerizing Cymbidium Orchid. This flower is known for being long lasting and hardy. This design is available in a multitude of colors including green, red, white, pink, and yellow. It is delivered in a simple vertical vase that will fit in any area of the home or office. Shop Here.




5)      Wild and Free




The world’s happiest flower, Sunflowers, are in season. When is the last time someone sent him flowers? And when was the last time that they looked oh so happy?! Inspire awe and invoke memories of summers spend outside in New York City and beyond. Ever go to a sunflower field? Maybe it’s time to take dad on a trip out of the city. Shop Here.




Unexpected Gift Guide For Father's Day