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Flowers in a basket or a vase?

Flowers in a basket? Or in a Vase? These questions come up often. We think about this when we want to send flowers for any occasion (passion, love, get well, etc.). If you want to send someone a bouquet that is going to last, if you want the flowers to appear fresh for as long as possible, if you want the person who receives them to really enjoy the moment and to make it last, ALWAYS-ALWAYS pick a vas over a basket.  

I will not even touch the environmental concerns that I have. The sponge-like material that absorbs water and is always used to make an arrangement in a basket, will not decompose even after two more ice ages! But beyond that...

Fresh flowers like to drink water. Flowers in vase are happy flowers! Flowers arranged in sponge, will not get all of the water that is poured in.  Thus they thirst faster and do not last as long. 

In a vase flowers have abundant water and ALL the water goes up the stem and reaches the bloom.  It is much easier to see if the flowers in a vase need more water (they do about every second day).  Also you will see that the water gets murky - it is time to change the water and give your flowers a fresh drink! After the flowers have been in the vase for a few days, it is a good idea to take out the stems, pluck off the ones that have withered, give your flowers a fresh cut and add good, fresh, clean water! The flowers will love you for it, and they will thank you by perking up! 

Sending someone flowers is a very thoughtful gesture. You should see the the smiles we get from every flower delivery we make! Now imagine the other half of the experience when you get a phone call ten days later and you find out that the flowers are still going strong.  You will hear something like: "You won't believe this, but your flowers are still amazing!". All because you decided to put them in a vase with good ole H2O. 

Oh! And an added benefit - Let's talk about the relaxation that the person receives from taking their flowers out of the vase, cleaning them, being focused on them one by one and recreating their composition every three or four days.  It relaxes the muscles of our mind in every way and the person receiving the flowers is appreciative in every way.  

So remember: Order lots and lots of flowers and always in a vase. We like to think we are the best florist in NYC! 

If you go to practically any page on our website, you will see our flowers are arranged in a vase! 

Flowers in a basket or a vase?