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Unexpected Gift Guide For Father's Day


Unexpected Gift Guide for Father’s Day


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June 13, 2022

Women's History Month

Celebrating International Women's Day

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March 09, 2022

AuthorBy: Starbright Floral Design

Hudson Yards Farmers' Market

Hudson Yards Farmers' Market: A Floral Farewell


With the colder seasons approaching, it has come time to say goodbye to our Hudson Yards’ Farmers’ Market Days. From Instagram-Famous dogs to Tribeca Film Festival screenings, we saw it all at Hudson Yards! Our favo... Continue Reading

October 06, 2021

Summer Festival of Flowers 2021-The Recap

Our Inaugural Summer Festival of Flowers is coming to a close with Labor Day quickly approaching. Let’s look back at the events of this Summer and find out what Starbright still has up our sleeve! 


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August 25, 2021

AuthorBy: Starbright Floral Design

Your Flower Horoscope: Taurus Season is here!

Taurus Season is in full swing! We are pleased to bring to you the 7th installment in our Astrology Flower Series! Taurus Season (April 20 - May 20) takes place in the midst of Spring: a time for rebirth and new beginnings. Embrace feeling grounded and in touch with the Earth during this period.

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April 27, 2021

AuthorBy: Starbright Floral Design

The Story Behind Administrative Professionals Week

For every joyful holiday that we celebrate in New York City, there is a wonderful history as to why we do. From Christmas to Easter, New Year's and Memorial Day, there are reasons why those dates have been chosen to honor those occasions, and at Starbright, we love to know what the story is behind any occasion for flowers!Continue Reading

April 13, 2021

AuthorBy: Starbright Floral Design

Peonies Coming Soon!

Is there anything more richly glamorous or lushly romantic than the overflowing blossoms of peonies? Although our plant and flower emporium in New York City is abounding with endless options, peonies are the spring flower that our designers always swoon over. With peony season right around the corner, we wanted to give our be... Continue Reading

April 11, 2021

AuthorBy: Starbright Floral Design

Health Benefits of Flowers

Flowers strengthen relationships!

Here at Starbright Floral Design, we help you express your emotions! Improve your interpersonal relationships by sending thoughtful gifts. Heartfelt notes and beautiful blooms are the best way to bring your emotions to life. We would ... Continue Reading

April 07, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

Flowers for a Cause: Hearts of Gold NYC

"Women who are confident can rule the world," - Deborah Koenigsberger, founder of Hearts of Gold NYC.

Starbright is thrilled to partner with the revolutionary nonprofit Hearts of Go... Continue Reading

March 08, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

Astrology Series: Pisces Flowers

It is Pisces Season and we are celebrating with flowers! The dates February 19th - March 20th mark the twelfth, and last, sign of the Zodiac! Our Astrology Series has incapsulated the traits of 5 signs so far, and Pisces is undeniably one of the most creative!

Pisces are a water sign, which me... Continue Reading

February 25, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

Flowers for Valentine's Day 2021

New York, when you need flowers, we are here to serve you 365 days of the year. We are beyond thrilled that the most important day of the year is quickly approaching, Valentine's Day! We are dedicated to bringing your emotions to life with our unparalleled customer service and high quality flowers. O... Continue Reading

February 02, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

Flowers for Astrology Series: Aquarius

Starbright debuted our hit Astrology Flower Series in November of 2020.  Now on our 4th installment, Continue Reading

January 28, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

Our Newest Team Member - Nikki's Starbright Experience

So there I was, freshly graduated from The University of Florida, in the middle of a pandemic! I had moved to NYC in January to complete an internship at a floral shop ... Continue Reading

January 21, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

Flowers in a basket or a vase?

Flowers in a basket? Or in a Vase? These questions come up often. We think about this when we want to send flowers for any occasion (passion, love, get well, etc.). If you want to send someone a bouquet that is going to last, if you want the flowers to appear fresh for as long as possible, if you wan... Continue Reading

January 16, 2021

AuthorBy: Nic

Tulip Flowers from Holland to NYC

The flowers we bring to Starbright Floral Design in NYC, come from all over the world.  Starbright Floral Design's tulips come from Holland. Considered a national treasure... Continue Reading

January 12, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

New Sensations, our Favorite Flowers!

“Upscale and uptown. This fantastic arrangement of flowers is a beauty and a half to behold. Overflowing with gorgeous blossoms and flowers delivered in a leaf-lined cylinder vase, it's truly a floral fantasy.”

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January 07, 2021

AuthorBy: Nikki Abis

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