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Starbright Plant/Flower Care Guide


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Bright, indirect light.

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Water sparingly until the stem appears. As the stem, leaves, and buds develop gradually increase the water. Keeping the soil moist helps prolong the Amaryllis flowers.

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Enjoys temperatures between 68-70 degrees. Once an Amaryllis Plant blooms, move it to a cooler area (65 degrees).

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Plant in a good commercial bulb soil and if unavailable, use a good, quick-draining, nutritious, well-aerated potting mixture.

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Fertilize an Amaryllis Plant monthly with a plant food high in potassium and phosphorus and low in nitrogen (5-10-10) or (6-12-12). Always dilute the plant food used on an Amaryllis Plant to 1/2 the recommended strength.

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Propagate your Amaryllis Plant using offsets or pups as they are sometimes called. Another way to propagate an Amaryllis Plant is to cut the bulb into four sections and plant each section in a 5" pot.